Review & Swatches: Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadows

August 23, 2015

So I've been wanting shadows from ABH for such a long time but never bought them because I feel like I have too many eye shadows that I never actually use. Whenever I'm trying to buy new eyeshadows I'm always like "but I have a shade similar to that" or, "I should probably finish up that palette first". But I finally decided to splurge and get some eyeshadows. This review will be a bit different than my other reviews only because I originally bought the shadows Bengal, Birkin, Dusty Rose and Surface of the sun but then I ended up exchanging two shades because....

When I swatched all of the shades I thought they looked pretty but then dusty rose was literally dusty, I didn't like the formulation of that particular shade because when I put my brush into the product it literally got everywhere. The formula of the eyeshadow was messy and that made me want to return the product immediately, but I thought to myself that I would keep the shade unless I found another shade in the palette that I didn't like. Well guess what? The surface of the sun shade wasn't pretty. It looked pretty on other skin tones from the swatches I've seen online but on my skin tone it looked like a bright yellow. I was expecting something gold but it looked completely yellow so it convinced me to go and return both shadows.
The shades are pretty, aren't they? I tried convincing myself to keep the shadows but I remembered that I have the Too Faced Natural Matte palette and was like, "well I basically repurchased that palette right now." 

Swatches from left to right: (Bengal, Birkin, Dusty Rose, Surface of the sun)

So after a while of being indecisive about returning the product or not I finally decided to, why keep something that I know I won't use? So I went to Macy's and exchanged it for two new colors, Suede and Chocolate.

I feel like my palette now looks more unique than it originally did only because I got a variety of colors and finishes. It's going to be my go to palette when I'm traveling for sure or for my everyday back to school look.

I didn't have any problems with any of the new shades and I'm really happy with this palette now. It's got a variety of colors, it also screams FALL for me.

Swatches from left to right: (Suede, Birkin, Bengal, Chocolate)

Overall I think these shadows are extremely pigmented. They are $12 a pan but if you buy 4 then it is $10 each plus the quad which makes it all worth it. It'll be the same price as the MAC eyeshadows plus you'll get something to store all your shadows in. You should definitely get at least one eyeshadow from ABH because trust me, it's worth it (especially the suede shade). These can be purchased at Macys or the ABH site

Do you have any Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadows?

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