Opps, It's Another Ulta Haul

February 26, 2016

 I feel like lately it seems like I've been having a lot of hauls, but the truth is that I actually purchased a lot of my things during the same time but never got the chance to write about it. Now that is the truth! Anyways, I bought all of these goodies after a long time of wondering if I should even get them. Did I really need a new eyeshadow palette? Did I really need a new eyebrow pencil? Probably not but I couldn't help myself.

Impressed to Buy the Full Size? Part 2

February 15, 2016

Whenever I buy makeup online there are always samples that'll come with my package. Most of the time I fall in love with it and other times I'm extremely disappointed. I've saved up some points at Sephora and got a few of these samples because I was interested in the full size product and because these deluxe sizes are a pretty good deal for 100 points.

  • Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Lotion: I'm a huge fan of this brand, I've purchased a lot of products from their line so when I saw that they have a product with SPF I knew I needed to try it. The only thing was that the SPF wasn't that high, it's only 20 and I usually like wearing 30 and up. This retails for $67 and although this worked fine on my skin, I wouldn't spend that much money on it especially since the price tag is really high.
  • Fresh Rose Face Mask: I really wanted to love this especially since this is always being talked about. Masks are always something that I like to invest in if it'll help my skin. When I put this on I immediately felt my face start to itch. I have really sensitive skin so as soon as I felt the itch I washed it all off. Thankfully my face didn't break out into a reaction, but after that I don't ever want to use it again.
  • Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser: I've been using Boscia for a long time now so I never really think about a product being too harsh for my skin because they seem to work well for sensitive skin. When I washed my face with this I felt like all the moisture was being sucked out of my skin and about half an hour later my face was getting red, dry and patchy. I'm disappointed it didn't work for me, but it sounded like such a good cleanser.
  • Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment:  I love this! I bought the full size product of this and my mom even got one too, it seems to work well for all skin types. This is also great for my sensitive skin and I love how it isn't harsh at all.
  • Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer: I wish this primer wasn't so expensive because I would buy the full size. But since the full size is $52 I don't think I'll ever end up buying it. It works great on days my skin is really oily and it works great on days where my skin is sort of dry.
(Impressed to Buy the Full Size Part 1)

Are there any samples that you've tried recently?

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January Favorites!

February 10, 2016

I feel like the month of January passed by so quickly and I probably say this every month but this time it's true. There were so many things going on that I haven't had much time to write more posts and I'm disappointed about that so hopefully I could make up for it this month. But besides that, my makeup actually has been very minimal.

Let's start with primers. I always have a hard time finding a good primer because my skin is constantly changing. Some days my skin wants to be extremely oily, some days it decides to be dry, and other days it decides to be oily with dry patches. Luckily my skin didn't matter much whenever I used Lorac POREfection Mattifying Face Primer because it helped keep the oils in control and it balanced my skin type.

Ever since I purchased the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz months ago I've been using it all the time for my eyebrows, but in January I purchased the ABH Brow Powder Duo and I'm in love. Sometimes with the brow wiz I feel like it either goes on too lightly or too harsh, so I'll use this to fill in areas that are more sparse. I have the shade ebony and I love that the powder duo comes with a lighter shade so that you can won't go overboard.

January has been all about the eyes, for an eyeshadow base I've been going back to using the MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Soft Ochre. I used to love using this a while back and lately I've been finding that I could use this for an everyday look without any eyeshadows on top if I want to go for a no makeup makeup look. On days where I still want to wear a little more eyeshadow I like to wear the eyeshadows from Urban Decay's Naked Basics palette. I like to wear 'Naked 2' in my crease and then wear 'Foxy' all over the lids. For an inner corner highlight I've been loving the KIKO Infinity Eyeshadow (236 Pearly Champagne) (here's a link to the post I did), it's shimmery but it's not too intense. Whenever I wear this I feel like it makes me look more awake and lightens up my eyeshadow.

What were your favorites in January?

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Makeup Geek Haul!

February 5, 2016

Makeup Geek has been a brand that has always caught my interest because of the prices and quality. I have three other eyeshadows that I've bought in the past and the quality didn't dissappoint me. For someone who has extremely sensitive eyes it's hard for me to try different eye products because most of the time they could possibly give me an allergic reaction. Thankfully I didn't have any reactions to Makeup Geek which is why I've decided to buy more.

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