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Hello everyone! My name is Kelly and I'm currently a college student who is deeply in love with makeup. When I was younger I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was always pushed into a direction of who I should be, but as I've matured I realized that working somewhere in the cosmetics field I'm most passionate about. I've been obsessed with all things beauty ever since I was 15 and wasn't allowed to start wearing makeup until I was 16. But the day I started wearing makeup I grew more and more in love with it. At first it was something that I enjoyed buying and using, but as time passed it's become a passion of mine. I really want to work in the cosmetics field, I remember pretending to do makeup tutorials without actually filming anything. I would always give skincare and makeup tips to people who had asked me for some. I love the feeling of discussing makeup and life in general with people who have the same interest. That is why I've created a beauty blog of my own finally. For a while I had no one to talk to about makeup, my friends barely wore makeup and no one in my family really wore makeup. I'm quite a shy person but makeup helped me in some ways because I've made friends in college who love makeup just as much as me and it really helped me break out of my shell most times. So I really hope this blog is enjoyable to all of you who read my posts just like it's enjoyable for me to write all the posts.

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