I love hearing from companies that would like for me to review their products but I will always be 100% honest to my readers. I will not be persuaded into saying/reviewing certain products if I don't like them personally.

*If you are a company that would like to contact me about PR Samples or sponsorships please email me at: perfectshadeofmauve@gmail.com *

PR Samples
If I receive samples from a company to review I will write at the end of the post that it was sent to me for a review. All opinions will always be 100% honest.

Sponsored Posts
Currently I have not done any sponsored posts but if I do in the future I will once again write at the end of the post that it is sponsored.

Affiliate Links
I do use affiliate links but of course not all of them are. Clicking these links will generate a small commission.  Using these links do help support this blog but of course this doesn't affect my readers or my opinion on any of the products I mention.

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