The Cure To Dry Skin?

September 30, 2015

clinique dramatically different moisturizing cream
I know I mentioned many many times that I have oily skin but for some strange reason my skin has been changing. Well it's been said that your skin changes as time passes by, but I don't know how I feel about suddenly not being as oily anymore. For years I've hated my oily skin and now my skin is becoming dry. It could also be from the change of weather, but there are days where my skin is so dry it feels like there is absolutely no moisture on my face! It's gotten so dry some days to the point where my eyelids also felt dry. So obviously I went to Sephora picking up different moisturizers seeing if I can find one product to cure my skin on those dry days. After failing miserably each time I finally decided that I've had enough! I was going to find a perfect moisturizer and I was going to have my skin feel good again. So one night I spent two hours researching all types of moisturizers and when I found this Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream, I think I found the answer to all my dry skin problems.

clinique dramatically different moisturizing cream
At first I wasn't too sure that this was the right moisturizer for me because I've used something like this before except it was for oily skin. I didn't like the formula back then but it could've because that was when I first started using skincare and taking care of my skin. But anyways, this cream has been working wonders for my skin. Although my skin isn't always dry, on the days when it is this cream definitely makes a huge difference and doesn't feel like someone is pulling on my skin. It's a cream but it's not extremely thick, it absorbs into your skin and doesn't lay on top of it. This also doesn't make me feel or look greasy which is a plus for me.

I would recommend this cream for people with dry skin, or dry areas on their face. You need to try this out whenever you walk past a Clinique counter.
clinique dramatically different moisturizing cream
What is your favorite moisturizer?

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My October Wishlist

September 29, 2015

I'm sure all of you have your own wish lists right? You're on Sephora or Ulta and you see something you like, what do you do? Immediately add that item to a list of things you're already wanting to buy. Unfortunately I can't buy every single item on my wish list but it's nice to dream, right? So here is my wish list of products that I would like to hopefully purchase in October.

My Day & Night Skincare Routine

September 26, 2015

skincare routine

Skincare is something that is extremely important to me only because I was once told, "You only have one face so take care of it." After hearing that it really made me become very cautious about my skincare products because back then I never knew what I was putting on my face. I would find random skincare products around the house and I used them without knowing what it was for (bad choice, I know). There had been times where I had one pimple on my face and I used acne face washes with benzoyl peroxide in it. Every single time I used a product with that in it, it made me face turn red, dry and somewhat rashy. I never knew the cause of it but of course as time passed I learned more about my skin and products I should and shouldn't be used.

Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Mist: Best hair oil in the market?

September 24, 2015

Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Mist

My hair is usually oily at the roots and dry everywhere else. No matter what type of hair oil I use, I never seem to get the ends to be silky smooth. On some days if I get lucky, the ends of my hair would be somewhat smooth. My hair has always been like this which had been a struggle trying to maintain it especially since I always had to try and balance it out due to dry hair and oily roots. Growing up I didn't know how to take care of my hair because no one really knew how to handle my hair type as well. I used to hate how it looked like, I thought I looked hideous and there were times where I wished I had thinner and straighter hair because that's what most people in my family had. But now that I'm older I'm trying to be more careful with my hair. I like my hair thick so whenever I lose hair I get so paranoid. Like I mentioned before, growing up I didn't know how to take care of my hair because it was only me and my sister that had hair that was puffy, somewhat wavy (my sister's hair is somewhat curly), and definitely not silky at all. Both of us always tried to find a way to get it to be like everyone else, which we shouldn't have tried to do. We used to straighten it everyday and buy almost every single oil or hair cream out there at the market. What we thought was helping our hair was probably damaging it more than we thought.

My Favorite Makeup Removers At The Moment

September 22, 2015

I've been on a huge skincare kick lately and that includes makeup removing oils/wipes. There had been so many makeup oils/gels that I've tried but when it came to the wipes I wasn't too familiar with using them. I've tried the Neutrogena makeup remover wipes before but when I used it a long time ago, it made my face break out as well as get dry, red, and flaky. I was so afraid to try any wipes after that incident occurred. The first cleansing oil I used was the Boscia Tsubaki Cleansing Oil-Gel, it was introduced to me by a worker at Sephora and I fell in love with the product because it was so gentle. I thought it was the best makeup removing product I ever used until I visited The Face Shop store.

Review & Swatches: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Luminous Light

September 13, 2015

I have wanted the Luminous Light powder from Hourglass for such a long time because I love the texture of Hourglass products so when I heard that this was perfect for a natural glow I knew I had to have it. The only downside was that it costs $45 which is ridiculous. I knew that it would be something I would purchase if there was a huge discount or if there was some promotion. Well luckily Sephora sent out a $50 promo to people who didn't get a chance to get the epic rewards and I was so happy. But was the $45 worth it?

August Favorites!

September 7, 2015

I wish I had posted this a little earlier only because I feel like as soon as it hit September my favorites had changed so fast. Every month is different because my skin is always changing, but for the month of August my makeup was very minimal since I didn't go to that many places. Skincare was my number one priority in August because it was the month before going back to school which was why I needed to take good care of my skin. Also I keep trying to film my favorites video but they never turn out right. I really want my first (second really) video to be perfect so I'm going to have to figure out more about my camera before I can post and upload something. But lets get to my August favorites now.

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