My August Wishlist

July 30, 2015

There's always new makeup and skincare products coming out, seems like almost every single week at least one beauty brand releases something new that will most likely catch my eye. Unfortunately I'm still a college student on a budget which means I can't buy every single thing I want, if I could I would but that's just a dream that I hope would come true someday. Anyways, I'm always on the Sephora app on my phone and that means I'm always looking for new products. After adding a bunch of items into my cart I end on Nordstrom and Ulta's site which is making things worse especially since seeing all the new products will make me want more than I actually need. 

So let's start with skincare since that is the most important thing, your skin is very delicate and your makeup application depends on your skin as well. The Caudaile Glycolic Peel is a mask that you apply to your entire face to tighten pores, renew your skin's texture, and give your face some radiance. Although I have oily skin the "radiance" made me feel iffy about this product but I like when products tighten pores or renews my skin's texture because I do have some dark spots on my face from previous breakouts that I would love to get rid of. First Aid Beauty is great for people with sensitive skin like me so I usually trust most of their products. I just finished my Clinique eye cream and I've been on the hunt for something even better if possible. I stumbled upon the Eye Duty Triple Remedy Overnight Balm and it looks like it would be great for my sensitive eyes and I would love to try it out especially since my eye's have been feeling extremely dry recently.

Now onto the makeup! Everyone has the Naked 2 palette, it seems to be something that's a must have and I only own the regular Naked palette along with the Naked basics. But Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette is on my wishlist because it's just so beautiful. I usually hate shimmers but lately I've been into shimmery colors. I don't know why I've been so obsessed with eyeshadow palettes recently but I am really wanting the MAC Amber times nine palette, it looks so beautiful and you can never have enough neutral eyeshadow colors.

I'm always looking for new foundations because I have extremely oily skin and sometimes a foundation can look very natural on my skin and other times it could make me look like a greasy mess. I got a sample of the Becca Ever-Matte Shine Proof Foundation and I fell in love, even though it didn't actually keep me matte, it didn't make me look extremely oily either. I hope you guys read my recent blog post about my favorite blushes, if not go check it out. I've been obsessed with the very natural blush colors but this palette stood out to me because of the variations of color. I believe this NARS 'Blame it on NARS' cheek palette is exclusive to Nordstrom but it looks like it would be perfect for traveling since it comes with a bronzer, highlighter, blushes and a travel sized ita brush.

When it comes to Sephora I feel like people usually ignore their makeup brand but they actually have really good makeup especially their lipsticks. When I saw these Oil Infusion Color & Care lip tints (I believe they're lip tints) I immediately wanted one, the color Iced coffee looks beautiful and it would look great in the fall.

Tell me what is on your current beauty wishlist!

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