My October Favorites

November 4, 2015

Is it bad that I'm excited October is over? I mean I love this month but once October is over it means that it's November which means it's almost time for Christmas! I love the holidays so I get overly excited when the months pass by quickly. Throughout this month I did find myself using some of my older products that I had pushed to the side.

I remember when I first started wearing makeup the palette I wanted the most was the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette, and when I finally got it I wore it non stop. For a while I've been using different eye shadows and forgetting this palette so when I used this again I fell in love all over again. I love the shimmery shades and find that this is perfect for an everyday look especially days that I'm running late because it's so easy to use.

When I first purchased this Anastasia Beverly Hills Concealer I didn't expect much, I was tired of the MAC concealer I owned so I decided to try this. It is really creamy and I do find that it doesn't slide all over the place which is great for my oily skin. It also covers up my blemishes without having to pile on a ton.

The Laura Mercier Translucent powder is my holy grail setting powder BUT when it's getting weather is getting colder I like to use the Cover FX Matte Setting Powder because it doesn't make me as matte as I usually am when I wear the Laura Mercier one. During the colder months I like to have a more natural finish on my skin which is why I've been reaching for this almost every day.

OH MY GOODNESS. If you haven't tried the NARS Sin blush before then go to Sephora right now and try it on. You need this shade in your collection! This is my first NARS blush and I wrote a blog post on this as well, but I have to say that this is one of my favorite blushes. I never really had a berry blush before so this was completely different for me, and I've been wearing this every single day. It makes me feel very fall like and I'm obsessed.

I'm always reaching for pinky browns and one of my favorites is from MAC. It's in the shade Spirit and oh my goodness, I've been wearing this almost everyday and I really love how it looks. It makes my makeup look flawless, I can't even explain how much I love it because there are no words that can sum up how I feel about this.

Have you tried any of these products? What are you favorites this month?

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