Switching To A More Natural Deodorant

November 17, 2015

Ever since I first started using deodorant it's been with the brands Secret or Dove. They worked so well because my underarms smelt amazing. I love having scented deodorants because who doesn't like to smell good. But throughout the years my skin has become more sensitive to products, I get itchy and allergic reactions easily. Sometimes when I used deodorant my underarms would develop a mini rash or become really itchy. It was weird because I've been using Dove for years and nothing was wrong, I even asked my doctor and was told that Dove was great for sensitive skin. So why was I still getting reactions?
I heard so much about natural deodorants and I wasn't sure how to feel about those because sometimes my skin is so sensitive that it even gets allergic to products made specifically for sensitive skin. When I couldn't deal with the allergic reactions anymore I decided to switch to the Lavanila Healthy Deodorant and let me tell you this, my life has changed. No more itchy underarms from the rashes, and no more allergic reactions. I didn't have to worry about going to the dermatologist or finding some creams to put on it.

The reason why this has been helping my skin is probably due to the fact that it has natural ingredients. It doesn't contain aluminum, mineral oils and parabens. I've heard rumors about deodorants blocking the sweat ducts and not allowing the body to sweat. I'm not an expert on deodorants but if I could keep myself smelling good with using natural products then I would. I spend so much money on makeup already, I think it's even better to spend the money on something that can help take care of my body.

This deodorant also feels very light, I've used deodorants that feel so heavy and thick (pretty disgusting description, I'm sorry). Since this deodorant feels light, I feel like it doesn't do that great of a job at keeping me from sweating. I don't do any sports so I think this deodorant is fine for me, it doesn't melt off and it makes me smell good. I bought this deodorant in the vanilla lavender scent and I absolutely hate this scent, it reminds me of bathroom spray. My sister even said it smelt like toilets and I have to agree. Sometimes when I wear this I can smell it, and sometimes I can't. After a while I've gotten used to the scent so it doesn't bother me as much as it used it. If you have sensitive skin or you're looking for a more natural deodorant I highly recommend this.

Have you tried any natural deodorants?
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