December Favorites

December 28, 2015

I'm so sad that December is coming to an end because it's one of my favorite months. Time flew by fast! But this month I learned to use some of my older products instead of reaching for the same ones I always used.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette I used to be obsessed with this palette because of how it smelt and because it had very neutral colors. Ever since I got my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette I feel like I've pushed this palette aside. This month I've been reaching for it a lot more and I'm so in love with it. Sometimes I'll use just the matte brown shades for my crease and then sometimes I'll just use a shimmer all over my lids. I think this palette has a lot of versatility which was why I loved it in the first place. I rarely use eyeliners but I've been trying to use them more and I love the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil (Whiskey). It's a matte brown shade and I found that using brown eyeliners made my look appear softer and not as harsh as it would whenever I did use a black eyeliner. These glide on so easily and they don't smudge throughout the day at all.

I used to hate highlighting because I thought it was only meant for people with dry to normal skin types. But obviously I realized that it is for every skin type and I've been obsessed with highlighting ever since. The MAC Mineralize Skinfinish (Soft and Gentle) was actually my first highlighter (I think) and at first I didn't think it was the greatest so I kept buying new highlighters, completely ignoring this one. I was running late one day and I reached for this highlighter then fell in love with it. It looked so glowy and I have no idea why I haven't used it much before.

Of course there will be a lip product mentioned, I mean....I am always using lip products. The Too Faced Perfect Lips Lip Liner (Perfect Nude) has been one of my favorites for a while and I feel like these lip liners aren't talked about enough! They are really pigmented and feel really smooth on my lips. They also last all day and can last through my meals. These lip liners are the ones that you twist up and I usually hate those kinds because they always break whenever I try to apply them, but these didn't break that easily which is also another reason why I love it.

I've already written a blog post (here) about the Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant (Vanilla Lavender) and why I love it so much. I am starting to love natural deodorants and I can't wait to try some more with new scents. These feel great on my skin and prevent me from smelling like a sweaty mess. The only thing I hated about this particular one was the scent, next time I would definitely get a different scent.

What are your favorites this month?

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