The Perfect Foundation For Oily Skin

April 14, 2016

Lamcone Nude Miracle Foundation Oily Skin
I don't know what it is about Lancome foundations...but they're always the ones that seem to control my oil the best. Let me start off by mentioning that I have oily skin (you guys probably know that already from the title haha), during the colder months I'll have combination. I'll get some dry patches around my nose and a bit on my chin. Those dry patches could also be due to the fact that I apply way too much of my anti acne primers, those seem to make me a little more dry in certain areas.I've been really busy these past few months, I'm still figuring out how to balance school, work, and my personal life. Whenever I'm working I like to wear a foundation that I know will last me all day because I know I won't have time to touch up my makeup. When it comes to running errands or even being in class - I don't care too much about the lasting power of my foundation.

This foundation is called the Lancome Nude Miracle Weightless Foundation, the name is spot on. Trust me. I've been searching for a long time for a lightweight foundation that provided enough coverage and well....I was searching for a miracle. When I was at the Sephora store one day, I stumbled upon this. After receiving a sample of this foundation I immediately fell in love. It blended in with my skin so easily and I felt as if I didn't have anything on my face. I'm a huge fan of lightweight foundations now because one day during work I looked in the mirror and realized how much my foundation has caked up and to make things worse, it was separating. I was absolutely horrified. HORRIFIED.

So with the sample of this foundation I decided that I would try this out for work, I mean I already went a day with foundation that was separating on my big deal. When I was at work I realized that it felt like I wasn't even wearing anything on my face. I got oily but not as much as usual. I did have to blot once throughout the day, but that's still good compared to the usual blotting count which is about 4 times a day (goodbye to my blotting sheets). This foundation is very lightweight and the coverage is very buildable. I usually use about 5 drops total and that gives me a medium coverage. Days when I don't need as much I'll use only three drops and it'll give me light coverage. I haven't tried to figure out if this can become a full coverage foundation yet because I don't like full coverage foundations.

Lamcone Nude Miracle Foundation Oily Skin
Overall, I think that if you're someone with oily skin you will love this foundation, It feels very lightweight (but provides enough coverage) and it seems to control my oil. For people with drier skin types I don't think this would be a good match because sometimes this will cling onto those dry patches I have and then it's difficult to get rid of.

I can only find this foundation online at the actual Lancome site here, but if you go to Sephora they have it available (not sure why it isn't online). So the next time you're at Sephora definitely give this a try.

Do you have a go to foundation?

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