MAC Eyeshadow Haul

May 13, 2016

I know my makeup shopping has been excessive lately but I already warned you in a previous post that I had a few more hauls. Also my defense for buying more eyeshadows is that MAC lowered their prices for single eyeshadow pans from $10 to $6, that might not sound like a big difference but it is. I bought 5 eyeshadows so with the original $10 it would end up being $50, but with the new price I only spent $30....crazy!

(left to right: Naked Lunch, Malt, Soft Brown, Wedge, & Swiss Chocolate)
When I first saw that the prices lowered you know I had a mini freak out, I immediately went onto the MAC website and basically added every single pretty eyeshadow color into my cart. Then obviously, I went to look up swatches afterwards to figure out what I really really wanted. It came down to these five shades.
(left to right: Naked Lunch, Malt, Soft Brown, Wedge, & Swiss Chocolate)
Naked Lunch: I feel like this is a very pale skin tone colored shimmer. I wore this on my eyelids a few times but I've decided that it looks best as an inner corner highlight.
Malt: I really like using this as a transition shade now because it's sort of a light color but at the same time it's great to use all over as well.
Soft Brown: Not sure how to describe this color because it's so unique and beautiful.
Wedge: It's not a very unique color but great for the crease.
Swiss Chocolate: I don't have any other shade similar to this, it's a reddish brown and I love using it to line under my eyes. It gives my eyes a lot of dimension and I love it.

Overall, I really think you should take advantage of this price change. Not sure if these prices are permanent or not but MAC eyeshadows are totally worth it. They're extremely pigmented and don't tend to be chalky which is a huge plus.

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