Food Diaries: Republic of Booza - Williamsburg, Brooklyn

June 17, 2018

 So I was lucky enough to go to a soft grand opening of Republic of Booza, located at 76 N 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249. I am a huge lover of ice cream and I've gone to a TON of ice cream/frozen yogurt places in New York. Actually, I get ice cream any chance I can because....why not? But what makes this place stand out?

First of all, this ice cream STRETCHES. Yes, you read that right. STRETCHES. I believe this is a Middle Eastern type of ice cream and I'm completely in love with it. The texture was amazing, it was creamy, and not too sugary. They have a ton of different unique flavors, flavors I wouldn't expect in ice cream. I love my Mango with Tajin....but in ice cream? Surprisingly it wasn't weird tasting. It's so hard to explain but as soon as I had a taste of it, I was obsessed.

The employees there were extremely friendly and were more than happy to let us sample whichever flavors we wanted to try out. I tried so many flavors I lost track of which ones I really liked. But I'm a chocolate chip mint kinda gal so I decided to get the 'Mint Tahini Chip' on a waffle cone. It was delicious, and the one thing that stood out to me the most about this ice cream was that it didn't melt on me. Well it did melt a bit, but compared to all the ice cream on a cone I ever ordered? I could never eat ice cream without it melting all over, dripping onto my shoes and down my arms (the real reason why I always sadly get ice cream in a cup). The most this melted, was a tiny bit down my cone and after I licked it away I didn't experience much melting aha. I'm so impressed with this ice cream, and also really amused with it.
If you're ever in Williamsburg, I totally recommend coming here and checking the place out. The ice cream truly won't dissappoint you, there are a ton of flavors to pick from. I hear they're also going to be launching even more unique flavors. The store opens tomorrow, June 17 - go check it out!

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