Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation Review

September 25, 2016

When this foundation was first talked about on instagram and through Norvina's snapchat I didn't think much of it. Honestly, I didn't even want to buy this foundation because I didn't think I would need it. I already had a couple of foundations and used most of them so I wasn't expecting to buy this. The only reason why I decided to give this a try was because I heard this was good for normal to oily skin. I'm an oily skin gal so I was really excited for this, and I've never tried a stick foundation before.
This stick foundation retails for $25 and you could find it at Macy's, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Sephora and Ulta. It's really easy to find a color in this collection because there are so many different shades you can choose from and I think that's what makes this collection special.

When applying this, I find that it's easier to apply it straight to my face when my primer is still slightly wet. I've tried getting some product onto the brush and then applying it to my face but I feel like it doesn't give much coverage that way. Without using a brush I'll put about 2 lines on each part of my face and then use a dense foundation brush to buff it out then go over it with my real techniques sponge to make sure everything is even and not streaky. It takes me less than a minute to blend my foundation out because it's easier to apply than a liquid foundation! I'm actually get more time to spend on my eye makeup now with this foundation.

As for my oily skin? This works great, but throughout the day when it reaches the five hour mark I find that I'm getting oily around my chin and t zone area. A downside about this foundation is that it can cling onto dry patches that may be on your skin. Around my lips are the patchiest so it's really frustrating to try and blend this in without having having patchy skin around my mouth. If you have dry skin I don't think this would be the right foundation for you.
Overall I really like this foundation, although it's much less than a typical 1oz foundation I think it's more convenient and easier to use. I rarely finish a foundation so it's better that this is less and much more inexpensive. I would definitely recommend this to those of you who are on the go, or who wants to get their makeup done quickly. It's only $25 and could be bought at Sephora, Ulta, Macy's, and Anastasia Beverly Hill's website.

Have you tried stick foundations before?

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