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November 22, 2016

I'm always telling myself that I don't need more makeup because it's true. But brushes? I feel like I'm always finding new brushes that make my makeup apply even more beautifully so I won't stop myself from buying more. But e.l.f. cosmetics is really affordable, so when I stumbled upon these hidden gems I couldn't stop myself from making a purchase.

All the brushes were only $3. Yes, three dollars! The quality of the brushes are really great as well, they're not as good as sigma but they're definitely better than morphe and many other brands. I've used e.l.f. brushes since I first started makeup and now that they have a bigger range, I know I'll be using them more often.

  • Mineral Powder Brush  - I thought it would be good for contouring, I'm always looking for new contour brushes or something that could blend out my contour.
  • Small Tapered Brush - This is perfect for highlighting, it isn't a huge brush so it wouldn't get the highlight all over your face. It's a great size to highlight or just to use it to set powder under your eyes.
  • Crease Brush - Who doesn't need more crease brushes?
  • Blending Brush - I thought this would be great for the outer corner of my eyes when I'm blending out the outer V and it works really well.
  • Eyeshadow "C" Brush - Great to pack shadow onto the lids or to blend under the lower lash line.

(Left to right: Mellow Mauve and Berry Merry)
I saw these two blushes and immediately fell in love. The packaging reminded me of NARS blushes, and they were only $3.

  • Mellow Mauve - This reminded me of Madly from Nars, and I really like the color. It would look nice for an everyday look.
  • Berry Merry -  When I saw this I was thinking of the shades 'Sin' and 'Orgasm' mixed together from Nars.

When swatched on the skin it is somewhat pigmented. I have to swatch it hard to get a good color pay off and when applying blush I have to dip my brush in at least 3 times to get the right amount of color. I think this blush would be great for those makeup wearers who like that no makeup makeup look.

(Swatches from left to right: Mellow Mauve and Berry Merry)

Have you tried anything from e.l.f. before?

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