What I Got For My Birthday!

November 22, 2016

So I turned the big 21 about a month ago and I'm still in shock. It felt like just yesterday that I was 16, and now I'm 21. It's a big milestone apparently, but I still feel the same. I love birthdays because they come around once a year obviously, but it's kind of nice having a day where you could celebrate yourself, don't you think? I was very fortunate this year to receive a big present from my parents and I'm still thanking them for it everyday.

On my birthday I didn't do anything really special - I'm never the one to want a birthday party, I prefer small dinners or a nice homecooked meal. I had a lecture that day then afterwards I went to Soho to do some shopping. The only thing that appealed to me was some cupcakes! I bought 2 cupcakes and I'll say that they taste....ok. Probably not worth the price, but nothing in the city ever is.

My sister bought me a 23" fruit tart cake and I was ecstatic, I would post the photo(s) of me pretending to attack the cake but that would be too embarrassing. If you didn't know...I love fruit tart. I even have rankings on which stores have the best fruit tarts.

My parents got me the Saint Laurent Monogram Compact Zip Around Wallet. I'm not sure of the full name, but I got it in black with the gold details. At first I was really wanting the dusty rose but I also wanted something really classic so I chose the black instead. Everyone was telling me to get a bag instead but I really needed a wallet since the one I had was 5 years old and all torn up, I mean I had gift cards falling out of the slots every time I used my wallet.

My sister never knows what to get me for my birthday so she was "lucky' this year when I left this book in my amazon cart. I was telling her about this book, and how I really wanted to read it. Well guess what happened? I got the book along with a really cute birthday card. Capture Your Style By Aimee Song is a must have, I haven't read the book yet but I've flipped through the pages and it seems like it would be a nice guide for those who are starting out blogging or want to improve their blogs. I'm really looking forward to it. Her photos are always really beautiful and I love her instagram @songofstyle.
Capture Your Style by Aimee Song
(Instagram themes inside Capture Your Style by Aimee Song)

It wouldn't be a birthday if I didn't treat myself to something. Am I right? I had to get the Master Palette by Mario that was in collaboration with Anastasia Beverly Hills. ABH always has such amazing and pigmented shadows so I wasn't disappointed with the formula in this palette at all. Her palettes are always consistent with the single shadows which is what I love about her brand. I'm always paying for good quality products, and I love the colors in this palette. It's a great neutral palette and there are even some pops of color.

Anyways, I had a lovely day and I felt so loved by all the birthday messages I received from friends and family. In the end presents would always be a bonus, because nothing feels better than being surrounded by your loved ones. But I will say that maybe fruit tarts will always beat all the presents and company I ever receive..... kidding!

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