June 2018 Goals

June 2, 2018

So it's been a couple of months since I made a blog post, and to be quite honest - it was because I lost motivation. I was so busy with school and my internship that any free time I had, I preferred catching up on tv shows and hanging out with friends.

Did I miss blogging and taking pictures for instagram? Of course! But I was just lacking the motivation to do so. But I graduated from college 2 weeks ago (woohoo!) and now that I have free time on my hands I actually found the motivation I need to start blogging again. I realized that I was so focused and worried about the content/what I should be posting instead of what I want to actually be posting which made it not so fun for me. I am planning to change the direction of this blog. Instead of focusing only on beauty....I want to also expand content into other categories such as food reviews, fashion, and even some random blog posts such as "My current work out routine".

For the month of June I have so many goals and I thought, why not make this my first post back.

  1. Brainstorm some blog post ideas
  2. Apply for more entry level jobs
  3. Play around with editing photos
  4. Take more photoshoot pictures for instagram
  5. Organize my vanity
  6. Read 3 books
  7. Work out at least 3 times a week
  8. Cut out junk food from my diet and start eating healthy
  9. Put away my winter clothes
  10. Make an excel spreadsheet with all colors of my single eyeshadows. I'm always losing track of what shades I actually have.
What are your goals for June?

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