Stop Being Lazy With Your Sunscreen!

July 29, 2017

So that title, huh? I'm definitely not the right person to be writing about applying sunscreen because honestly....I always forget. Lately I've been applying sunscreen everyday, no matter what. I was on vacation to the Bahamas and got sunburned pretty badly - second degree sunburns are no laughing matter. I should've reapplied sunscreen on my body after I got out of the water, and reapplied every 2 hours like the directions on the bottle stated, but I didn't so that's why I had blisters all over my legs. Fortunately, I applied sunscreen on my face and had a hat on so my face didn't get burned like the rest of my body.

On vacation I brought the Pixi Skin Treats Sun Mist with me because I knew I would be lazy with my makeup and sunscreen. Most days I barely had time to apply any makeup, but I knew that sunscreen would be an essential because I'm so afraid of getting sun damage.

I found it interesting that this was a sunscreen mist, and I've never used one before. I hate using a sunscreen lotion on my face because it usually leaves my whole face with white residue. With this spray, I'll spritz it all over and then use my hands to blend everything in. If you use your hands to blend everything in, it ensures that the sunscreen will be evenly distributed on all areas of your face.

This sunscreen doesn't leave a white cast, and it hasn't caused me any flashback. The only thing I've noticed, was that if I spray it too close to my face it leaves these dried white specks which is annoying. With some sunscreens, I've noticed that they can make my foundation ball up but with this one it hasn't.

For the price of $18, I think it's worth it. It hasn't broken me out, and it's easy to use. With this sunscreen, I think all of us lazy sunscreen users will find this very helpful. This sun mist can be purchased at Target and Pixi Beauty.

Do you use sunscreen on your face before wearing makeup?

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