Two Hands Cafe

August 17, 2017

I took a week off work so I could have some time to myself to enjoy the rest of summer. I'm in the city every single day, yet I barely have time to explore. There are a ton of restaurants that I have bookmarked on yelp so I was really excited to have been able to go to one of them.

The decor inside of Two Hands Cafe is really cute and definitely Instagram worthy. Lets be honest, before we actually go to a restaurant most of us want to be sure that we're able to post it online right? I thought that the food was somewhat pricy for what you get, but I would consider going to this cafe again and trying something else. The decor is honestly what's driving me to come back!

Avocado Toast $9

Two Handed BLAT $13
Two Hands Beef Burger $16
Acai Bowl $12
What's your go to dish at any cafe?
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