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December 10, 2017

So I had the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray for almost a year now, and I still haven't run out of it. I think of it as my most luxurious hair care product. Yeah I have products from Dry Bar and Living Proof, but Oribe screams luxury to me. I also have good scent memories whenever I smell a product from Oribe.

This brand is definitely harder to get a hold of, it's more of a specialty salon item. You won't find Oribe products in Sephora or Macy's. Luckily for me, a friend/mentor of mine gifted me with a bunch of Oribe products. You really don't know how happy that made me! I've always wanted to venture out and try more Oribe products, but the price tag was something I was cautious about.

(Oribe left to right: Côte d'Azur Eau de Parfum Rollerball, Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil, Dry Texturizing Spray)

So the Dry Texturizing Spray (8.5 oz/$46) was the first product that was introduced to me from the brand. I would see it constantly on Youtube and Instagram. Everyone would rave about this product and I've had it on my wishlist for years but didn't splurge on it until recently. This texturizing spray definitely makes a difference in my hair, it doesn't make it look crunchy or gross with product, but it gives me more volume and a messy look which I love. I also fell in love with this scent, it makes me feel so happy for some reason and whenever I do my hair in the morning and spray this on, it just puts me in a good mood.

The Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil (3.3 oz/$55) has really blown me away. I've been using my Dry Bar 100 Proof Treatment Oil (3.4 oz/$36) for a long time now and I love it so much, but this Oribe oil has really taken my hair to the next level. It smells just like the dry texturizing spray (definitely another reason for me to repurchase when I run out) and it makes my hair smooth without being sticky or greasy looking.
(Oribe Côte d'Azur Eau de Parfum Rollerball)
When my friend told me that there was a fragrance that smells like the dry texturizing spray, I think my jaw dropped. I am obsessed with the dry texturizing spray and I could probably spray it on my hair all day just to smell the scent. But knowing there's a fragrance for it, Côte d'Azur Ea de Parfum Rollerball (0.33oz/$32)....I'm going to have to purchase the full size. I do wish that this rollerball was a spray instead, I just wanna spray it all over my body!
(Oribe Lacquer High Shine Nail Polish - Night Orchid)
Oribe's hair products are amazing, and I feel like most people do trust their products especially since they are used in many salons. I didn't know they had beauty products, their nail polish definitely looks unique compared to other nail polishes out in the market. The Lacquer High Shine Nail Polish in Night Orchid (0.4oz/$32) is pricy, but for the packaging and quality it's worth the price.
(Oribe Lacquer High Shine Nail Polish - Night Orchid)
The brush is flat and it has a rounded tip which makes it much easier to apply. I noticed that one coat of nail polish is enough, it's very pigmented and definitely dries down true to color. I usually use Essie nail polishes and manage to get the polish all over my fingers, so I'm in love with this brush.
(Oribe Lip Lust Crème Lipstick - Tropic Flame)
This Oribe Lip Lust Crème Lipstick (0.1oz/$42) is gorgeous and the color is not your typical red. It definitely has an orange/red look to it which is more my style. I usually wear nude/mauve colors so this is out of my comfort zone, but I tried it on recently and loved how it looked on me. I know that I'll be wearing this during Christmas and New Years! The formula is really pigmented and I find that when wearing darker colors, you have to be cautious about it bleeding and transferring. Yes this transfers, but most lipsticks do. I noticed that after trying to rub this off, it won't come off completely unless I use a makeup remover which shows the lasting power of this lipstick.
(Oribe Lip Lust Crème Lipstick - Tropic Flame)
I really like the formula of this lipstick, and I really want to try out the other shades in this line as well. I don't see too many shades in their collection, but for the shades that they have, I think that it's definitely wearable and nothing too crazy or out there.

Do you have any Oribe products?
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