Pat McGrath Labs LiquiLUST 007

January 2, 2018

Pat McGrath's makeup line has been on my radar for a while now but I never got around to buying a kit because of the price. When I was at Sephora and saw this Pat McGrath Labs LiquiLUST 007 kit, I immiediately swatched the lip gloss and fell in love with how it looked. It was glittery and extremely glossy, I've been a fan of the glossy lips look lately instead of the matte.
The sequins inside the packaging is creative and buying this definitely made me feel like I was buying something limited edition. I wasn't a huge fan of the liquid lipstick color, but I mainly purchased this kit because of the lip gloss.
(Pat McGrath Labs LiquiLUST 007)

I wish the lipgloss was in a different packaging, and had an applicator. Using my fingers to apply gloss just gets annoying, with the applicator I feel like it would be faster and neater. I really like the look of the gloss, since it makes my lips look plump and have a glass like finish. This gloss isn't sticky which is another plus, it's really hard to come by a lip gloss that doesn't feel tacky.
(Pat McGrath Labs LiquiLUST 007 - Astral Vinyl Gloss in Bronze)

The applicator of the liquid lipstick was really nice, I loved how flexible it was. It made it really easy for me to apply the liquid lipstick without any lip liner. It's a nice shade, and went well with my skin tone which surprised me. As for lasting power? I found that it lasted me about 3 hours, and after eating lunch it faded from the center of my lips so I looked crazy having liquid lipstick on the edges of my lips.
(Pat McGrath Labs LiquiLUST 007 - LiquiLUST Liquid Lipstick in Divine Nude)

I would definitely repurchase this kit because of the lip gloss. I hope Pat McGrath releases more similar glosses because I really do like the formula and color of it. As for the liquid lipstick, I'm not the biggest fan of the formula.

(Swatches from Left to Right: Pat McGrath Labs LiquiLUST 007 -LiquiLUST Liquid Lipstick in Divine Nude, and Astral Vinyl Gloss in Bronze)

Do you have anything from Pat McGrath Labs?

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