May 2019 Favorites

May 29, 2019

May flew by so fast, I'm still thinking that it's April. During the month of May I might have done a little (a lot) damage at Sephora. But the products that I'm mentioning in this post are products that have been in my everyday makeup routine rotation.

I've been keeping my makeup a little more minimal lately. Instead of waking up at 5:30 am to do my makeup and hair, I decided that I needed more sleep (duh). I save a lot more time doing my makeup when I'm using fewer products, and I have more time to get some beauty sleep in.

I had the bronze & glow for a long time now, luckily it's still good and not giving me any sort of reactions. This product used to be something that was discussed all the time on Youtube which was why I purchased it in the first place! But I started using this again and I've been gravitating towards it. During the VIB sale I picked up the cheek to chic blush in pillow talk, I remember when the pillow talk collection launched I really wanted to get this, but it was always sold out. It really creates such a beautiful flush on the cheeks.
I really didn't think that I needed another bronzer added to my collection. If I were to guess, I probably have 12 different bronzers which I definitely don't need. But I heard a lot about this Fenty bronzer and decided to purchase it during the VIB sale. This is one of the best bronzers I ever used, it's so pigmented and blends in effortlessly. My bronzer doesn't look cakey if I layer it on either, I also love using this as eyeshadow.
Fresh has some of my favorite skin care products, I feel like they're THAT brand that everyone just loves and trusts. I've been using their products since middle school and always have something from the brand in my collection. I forgot why I decided to purchase this lip balm, but I've already gone through 4 of these. It keeps my lips smooth and moisturized, the only downside is that it's $18 and I feel like I go through this really quickly.
I remember back when people used to talk about this all the time. I never got into the fix plus trend because of my oily skin, but recently I have been loving fix plus. I like to use it on days when I have minimal makeup or if my makeup looks a little too matte. This really helps perfect my look.

What are your favorite products in May?

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