What I Got During The Sephora 2020 VIB Spring Sale

May 24, 2020

Every year I go crazy during this sale, spending hundreds of dollars. Most of the time it ends up being products I barely reach for which is a complete waste of money. So this year I decided to be smarter during the sale and to just pick up things I knew I loved. Most of these were skincare essentials.

I mentioned this Sunday Riley U.F.O. oil in my Skincare I Had Less Than 30 Minutes to Pack post. I've been using this product for a couple of years now and my skin is extremely sensitive but I haven't come across any issues with this. There are times where this helps clear up spots immediately and times where I can't tell if there's a huge difference. I do think that it's worth the money especially for someone who gets the occasional break out here and there.

I've been obsessed with the Youth To The People Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream, it's one of the only face creams that truly work for me. My skin type is oily, but lately it's been suffering with dry patches. I got a really bad allergic reaction to something in December and my skin has been recovering ever since. But this cream works wonders. I used to use this Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer all the time back in high school, but my skin was getting way too oily to continue using it. I've heard that they've reformulated and I've been seeing this all over youtube so it was a good time to test it out again. The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask has been something I use every single day. There's no lip balm that can compete with this really. Although the ingredient list isn't the cleanest....I find that this is the only lip product that locks in moisture for me.

Beauty blenders are so overpriced, but I have yet to find another beauty sponge that is as soft/blends my foundation effortlessly. Since this was a pretty good deal in a set I decided to repurchase since I was in need of a new sponge. The YSL Lip Cream was a new launch that looked pretty interesting. I used to fall into the craze of liquid lipsticks but almost all of them were so drying/sucked all the moisture out of my lips. It looked so gross. But this lip cream I've tried it out already and it feels amazing on my lips, slightly thick but it doesn't make my lips feel tight and dry. 

What did you get during the sephora sale?

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