I Tried All the Glossier Cloud Paint Shades So You Don't Have To

June 13, 2020

I've been a huge fan of Glossier for a long time, and over the years tried the entire product line up. I'm usually a powder blush user, but I've really been switching between cream and powder products often. Cloud Paint is one of my favorite cream blushes, and since I have every shade I decided to give a quick review of all of them.

(Left to right: Puff, Beam, Dusk, Dawn, Haze, Storm)
Cloud Paint is 0.33 oz for $18, and with this product a little product goes a long way. I think the mistake a lot of people make with this is using too much. When dispensing the product you should start with the tiniest amount, and if you need more then you can add more because this formula is so buildable/blendable.

  • Puff - light cool pink, such a pretty spring shade.
  • Beam - soft peach, when I think of summery, I think of this shade. It's so pretty and it just brightens up your face.
  • Dusk - brownish nude, my favorite shade out of the whole collection. It looks very natural, and since I always have on a nude lip and brown eyeshadow this gives me a beautiful monochromatic makeup look.
  • Dawn - sunny coral, this brightens up my cheeks and it's such a pretty shade.
  • Haze - deep berry, I don't reach for this shade often just because I don't usually wear berry shades. But it's still really pretty.
  • Storm - warm rose, I think of fall whenever I see this shade. It gives you that "I just stepped in from the cold" look.

(Left to right: Dusk and Dawn)
The thing about cloud paint is that you can mix and make your own, that's what I really like about this product. My favorite mixture is dusk + dawn, it makes this beautiful warm orange nude shade. I don't always mix since I like the shades as is, but when I feel like being a little more experimental with my makeup I love mixing the shades.
(Dusk + Dawn Mixed)

Have you tried cloud paint? What is your favorite shade?

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