My June 2020 Favorites

July 11, 2020

A goal I have now is to consistently start posting on my blog again. I realized that I haven't been posting on here often and I really miss writing about products I've been loving. So even though we've been in quarantine, I've still been spending a lot of money buying new products unfortunately, but there are products that I've had for a while that I've started to use again. 

My skin has really been acting up in quarantine, I think it's because I have basically been indoors since March. I left my Drunk Elephant: T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Resurfacing Night Serum back at my apartment, but was in desperate need of it so I ordered another one. The one I had back at my apartment was really old anyways so it was time to repurchase, but the reason why I ordered this was because I remember that whenever my skin would act up or get bumpy in some spots, this serum really helped to calm it down and help get rid of some of the bumps.

I brought the Origins: Clear Improvement Charcoal Honey Mask with me from my apartment because I knew I would be expecting some breakouts. My skin loves to freak out randomly, and I was right. I like this mask better than the original since it has some honey in it so it's not so drying, I could actually talk without feeling the mask break apart on my face.

My hair has been so dry lately, it might be from being out in the sun too often or going into the pool a couple of times. But I am running so low on this Verb: Ghost Weightless Hair Oil! When I don't use this my hair is dryer than you could imagine, but when I do use this my hair feels so silky and smooth. My hair type is frizzy, sometimes straight and often very wavy. I have a ton of hair oils, and this has been the one I've been reaching for the most this month.

I love the Glossier: Hand Cream, it feels amazing and smells so lovely. If you're a fan of the Glossier You Fragrance, you'll love this. It feels very light weight and absorbs into your hands without leaving that greasy/sticky feeling most hand creams do. I am also obsessed with the packaging of this, it is so sleek and fits into my purse while most hand creams don't (probably because I don't buy the mini sizes).

Earrings! I've been on an earrings kick for months now, and I discovered this brand called Aleyole. There are such cute earrings on there and they're decently priced. I loved Mejuri earrings but they can be pretty expensive, and I noticed some of my earrings getting discolored....I still love the brand though. I bought a ton of earrings from Aleyole, and one I've been wearing a lot is the Madonna Gold style. I get a ton of compliments from friends whenever I have these on and they're extremely comfortable.

What were your favorites in June?
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